ICCIS 2019| IEEE 4th International Conference on Communication and Information Systems

Keynote&Plenary Speakers for ICCIS 2018

Prof. Anu Gokhale, Illinois State University, USA

Dr. Anu A. Gokhale has completed twenty-five years of university teaching and is currently a professor and coordinator of the computer systems technology program at Illinois State University. She is named Fulbright Distinguished Chair in STEM at the University of Pernambuco, Brazil, 2016-17; was a Faculty Fellow in Israel and Fulbright Specialist in cybersecurity at Gujarat Technological University, India in summer 2017; and a Visiting Professor in College of Business at Shandong University in Jinan, China during spring 2017. Dr. Gokhale was honored with the 2011 University Outstanding Researcher Award. Originally from India, she has a master's in physics?electronics from the College of William & Mary, and a doctorate from Iowa State University. She presents and publishes her peer-reviewed research, and pursues multi-year projects funded by agencies like the US Department of Education, US Department of State, and National Science Foundation. The current NSF funded project is in Computing Education for the 21st Century. Dr. Gokhale authored a second edition of her book Introduction to Telecommunications, which has an international edition in Chinese. She continues to be an invited keynote speaker at various conferences, latest ones include: 2018 International Conference on Frontiers of Educational Technologies, Moscow, Russia; 2017 International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Applications, London, UK; 2016 International Conference on Communication and Information Systems, Bangkok, Thailand; 2015 International Conference on Information Technology, Amman, Jordan; 2014 International Conference on Control, Robotics and Cybernetics, Singapore; and 2013 International Conference on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering in Maldives. She consults for businesses and has delivered multiple workshops. As an active volunteer in IEEE, she has served as R4 Educational Activities Chair, Women in Engineering Coordinator, Chair of International Electro/Information Technology 2010 Conference, and MGA representative to the Educational Activities Board. She was honored with the IEEE Third Millennium Medal.

Speech Title: Research Trends in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Abstract: Business intelligence and analytics has emerged as an important area of study for both practitioners and researchers. It is a critical component of enterprise information systems in today's data-driven world. The business sector is expected to increase resources to focus on data science to extract knowledge. Enterprise data environments include both structured and unstructured information accumulated by entities from a large variety of sources in many different formats. There exists tremendous potential to glean key insights for business advantage and new opportunities from the vast data that is available today and new data that is being constantly generated. The talk will address the issues and processes associated with business intelligence and analytics, discuss relevant algorithms and techniques being researched, and reflect on the trends going forward.


Assoc. Prof. Maode Ma, Fellow of IET, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dr. Maode Ma is a Fellow of IET. He received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 1999. Now, Dr. Ma is an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He has extensive research interests including network security and wireless networking. Dr. Ma has about 380 international academic publications including over 180 journal papers and more than 190 conference papers. He has delivered about 60 keynote speeches at various international conferences. He has served as various chairs for over 100 international conferences. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering and International Journal of Electronic Transport. He also serves as a Senior Editor or an Associate Editor for other 4 international academic journals. Dr. Ma is a Senior Member of IEEE Communication Society and IEEE Education Society, and a Member of ACM. He is the Chair of the IEEE Education Society, Singapore Chapter and the Chair of the ACM, Singapore Chapter. He has served as an IEEE Communication Society Distinguished Lecturer from 2013-2016.

Speech Title: Efficient and Secure Authentication Schemes for IEEE 802.11ah Networks

Abstract: IEEE 802.11ah, a specification belonging to 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) protocol family, has been recently released to support the long-range, low-power and low-rate wireless communication among smart devices used in Internet of Thing (IoT) systems. However, security requirements of the energy-constrained devices have plenty of issues different from the traditional wireless devices. It requires that the lightweight security protocols have to support low-power and low-latency as well as the long-lasting features of quantities of IoT devices. The recently released IEEE statndard, IEEE 802.11ai has specified a Fast Initial Link Setup (FILS), which is a brand-new approach aiming at establishing fast, stable and secure links among smart devices. IEEE 802.11ai could be applied to other wireless systems, such as the wireless system of IEEE 802.11ah with security enhancements. In this talk, I would address the secureity issues of IEEE 802.11ai and IEEE 802.11ah with new proposals to enhance the authentication process in the link setup procedure.


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