ICCIS 2018

Paper submission

Instructions to Authors 作者投稿指南

1. Submission Method 投稿方式

Authors are invited to submit papers through the Easychair Submission System. Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this conference. If you have any difficulty about it, please feel free to contact iccisconference@vip.163.com.

请通过电子投稿系统Easychair提交您的文章。投稿的文章必须为原创。如若您没有EASYCHAIR 账号,或遇到困难,就请您直接通过邮箱投稿至:iccisconference@vip.163.com 以上两种方式二选一 , 请勿重复投稿。

2. Paper Format 论文格式要求

Submitted papers should be written in complete English and no less than full 4 pages. 会务组只接收全英文投稿并且投稿文章需不少于4页。


3. Peer Review 论文审稿

All submissions to the ICCIS 2018 are first reviewed by the organizing committees. At this stage, manuscripts may be rejected without peer review if it is felt that they are not of high enough quality or not relevant to the conference. This fast rejection process means that authors are given a quick decision and do not need to wait for the review process. Manuscripts that are not instantly rejected are sent out for peer review, to 2-3 independent reviewers. Based on the feedback from these reviewers and the organizing committees’ judgment a decision is given on the manuscript.